Effective Email marketing designs grow your student base! Whether you are a Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts or Personal Trainer Studio, Email Marketing is one of the most direct and cost effective means of advertising. And My Best Studio takes care of it all.

Successful email marketing campaigns require concept creation, designing the layout with great use of images, effective content and a striking call to action. My Best Studio makes it easy on you. We come up with the right strategy, attractive design, and analysis of the results to ensure that your email marketing is being seen by the right people.

Our email marketing campaigns are backed with the latest and leading email marketing software. It provides deep analytics for email delivery, bounce, open and click ratio. We track the action taken by email receivers and continuously evolve our marketing to achieve the greatest success for your Yoga studio.

Benefits of Professional Email Marketing Campaign

  • Cost effective to communicate directly with your target customers.
  • Quick response. Possibility of action taken within one or two days of email sends.
  • Best method for event marketing.
  • Easy to monitor responses. You can measure every step taken by reader.

Our team in Los Angeles are experts in putting together email marketing campaigns. From start to finish, they take into consideration your goals, your intended customers, your time frame and your budget.

Features of Our Email Marketing Campaign

  • Custom Design layout that suits your brand or services.
  • Short, striking content to give readers to the clearest message.
  • Optimizing images and other media files for email reading on mobile and tablets.
  • Making email compatible with different email providers.
  • Detailed analytics report for email campaign.

Email marketing allows you to target specific customers easily, whether by age, gender, prior queries or purchases, or even geography. Maybe you're putting on a high profile teacher training and are targeting students that live within local cities like Orange or Pomona or Chino Hills, or even a region of States like Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. The possibilities are endless, but the strategy is critical. And we make sure the Email Marketing Design is effective and correctly targeted.

My Best Studio email marketing services help you achieve incredible results for building brand awareness and creating day-to-day communication with your students and new customers.

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